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Taste a true Filipino favorite. Get a yummy dose of fiber and protein with Nagaraya Adobo Flavor!   Nagaraya Cracker Nuts is a popular snack in the Philippines that contains a peanut within a cracker shell. The satisfying crunch of the Adobo flavored outer shell is further enhanced with the nut on the inside. With 0% cholesterol and 0% trans fat, you have to try all the different flavors!

Need a quick energy boost? Nagaraya ang sakto sayo! This delicious peanuts snack is packed with protein, fiber, and energy to give you a healthy headstart, plus zero cholesterol and zero trans-fat so you can snack without the guilt! Try our different Nagaraya flavors and get ready for crunchtime!

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Sold by 1 Carton – 48 Packs x 160g per pack

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